Marriage Certificate Translation

One of the most often requested documents for an immigration case is their Marriage Certificate. This is a document that will be required for most immigration matters. If you have an immigration case in the United States it is important that you have all your documents in English including your marriage certificate, if applicable. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) requires that all case documents be translated to English. 

The rules established by USCIS for translations are very specific on what the translation must include. This is a certification from the translator stating that they are competent to conduct the translation. Most of the documents for immigration cases come from the country of origin of the immigrant and that is why there is a need to translate the documents for your case. Your legal representative will let you know what documents you will have to translate for your case, but these generally include:

      -Birth Certificates

      -Marriage Records

      -Bank Statements

      -Leasing Contracts

      -Legal documents

      -Police or other Government Agency Reports

What Florida Translate Can Offer

Our testimonies speak for themselves but what can we offer you?


Your Marriage Certificate will be delivered within 24 hours guaranteed or you receive your money back. We offer same day delivery as well for a small fee. 


Your Marriage Certificate will be USCIS ready. All of our translations contain the necessary certification on each page with an additional cover letter. 


With our current offers, you will always get the best price guaranteed or we will match the competitor and give you a discount. 


Upload your Marriage certificate in seconds through our easy to use site. You can also send your document through email, live chat, and even Whatsapp. We offer the easiest method.

Marriage Certificate

Price per Document

$ 25 $ 20

per page

  • Certified Translation
  • 24 hour Turnaround (Same Day Available)
  • USCIS Ready
  • Best Price Guaranteed

When do I need to have a Certified Translation of my Marriage Certificate?

Certified Translations

-You have an Immigration case, Certified translations are necessary for different legal and governmental processes. Usually, one needs a certified translation, if one of these applies to you:

    -You have a legal case

    -You need to send academic records (Transcripts, Diplomas)

    -You need to offer documents in a business environment 

    -Documents for work (Resumes, C.V.)

In any scenario, Florida Translate can help you translate your documents easily, quickly, economically. Our goal is to make the translation process as easy as possible for our clients.

USCIS requires Marriage certificates for many procedures including family petitions that involve spouse as a beneficiary or petitioner. 

How much does a Certified Translation Cost

Costs of Translations

The cost of a certified translation for immigration fluctuates depending on the agency. In Florida Translate, we are determined to offer the cheapest price guaranteed. Many translation agencies charge per word. This amount ranges from .04 to about .10 cents per word. In documents with many words, such as lease agreements, the cost can increase up to $ 60.00 USD per page.

In Florida Translate, our price is fixed and simple. Our price is $ 15 to $ 20 per page depending on the size of your order. For large orders, we lower the price per page to make sure you have the best offer available. Unlike many translation agencies, we don’t have a maximum of words per document.

We are so sure that our price is the most economical that if a customer gets a better offer, we match the price of the competition and offer an additional 15% on the order.

Do Translations Need to be Notarized?

Notarization and Requirements

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) does not require that the submitted translations be notarized. If you wish, you can send the notarized document but the important thing is that the text has the certification required by USCIS.

How do you deliver Translations?

Delivery of Translated Documents

Translations are usually sent via email in secure PDF format. After the translation has the certification required by USCIS, there is no need to have an original copy. If you want an original copy, you can contact us by live chat or by email and we can send you an estimate.

The Translation Process

How the process works:

0 Hours


You submit your marriage certificate or document via our upload methods


we receive the documents and proceed to translate them


the document is fully translated. 


an editor reviews the translation and ensures that everything is accurate and correct


we send you the COMPLETED translation within 24 hours. . 

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