If you have documents in Spanish that need to be translated, then you will most likely need to find Translation Agencies in Orlando that offer certified translations. 

According to the Census, over 21% of the population in the Orlando Metropolitan Area are immigrants. After moving into the United States, a person may have all of their documents in Spanish which means that they must translate them in order to proceed with the immigration process. There are many translation agencies in Orlando, but you need to ensure you find an agency that offers quality translations for an affordable price. Obtain USCIS certified translations for the lowest price in Orlando and Nationwide by choosing Florida Translate. 

Immigration Cases

Certified Translation Agencies in Orlando that can help with Immigration Documents

Many of the documents needed in English are Birth Certificates, Lease Contracts, Bank Statements, School Documents, among other things. It is crucial to get certified translations and a trusted company to make sure your case is not affected. Florida Translate, LLC can help you achieve this in a Fast, Easy and Safe way. 

Part of the  requirements established by USCIS in relation to the documents presented in your immigration case is the importance of having all your documents in English. Most of the documents for immigration cases come from the immigrant’s country of origin and that is why there is a need to translate the documents for your case. Your legal representative will let you know what documents you will have to translate for your case, but these generally include:

                      -Birth Certificates

                      -Marriage Records

                      -Statements of accounts

                      -Leasing Contracts

                      -Legal documents

                      -Police Reports or other Government Agency

For more information, it is important to contact immigration agencies, such as  USCIS.

How much does a Certified Translation Cost?

Translation Prices

The cost of a certified translation for immigration fluctuates depending on the agency. In Florida Translate, we are determined to offer the lowest price guaranteed. We provide the lowest price of any translation agency in Orlando and Nationwide. Many translation agencies charge per word. This amount ranges from .04 to about .10 cents per word. In documents with many words, such as lease agreements, the cost can increase up to $ 60.00 USD per page.

In Florida Translate, however, our price is fixed and simple. Our price is $ 15 to $ 20 per page depending on the size of your order without any word restrictions. For large orders, we lower the price per page to make sure you have the best offer available. Unlike many translation agencies, we don’t have a maximum of words per document.

We are so sure that our price is the most economical that if you get a better offer, we will match the price of the competition and offer an additional 15% on the order.

When do I need a Certified Translation?

Certified Translations

Certified translations are necessary for different legal and governmental processes. Usually, one needs a certified translation, if one of these applies to you. You:

-Have an Immigration case
-Have a legal case in court
-Need to send academic documents
-Provide documents in a business environment
-Require documents for work (Resumes, C.V.)

In any scenario, Florida Translate can help you translate your documents easily, quickly, affordably. Above all,our goal is to make the translation process as easy as possible for our clients.

Translation Agencies in Orlando

Florida Translate – Your Translation Agency in Orlando

If you’re looking for Translation Agencies in Orlando, Florida Translate can help you. We offer nationwide services and are based in Florida. Our service area includes Central Florida, including Orlando and we can provide an exceptional service for an affordable price. 

Because so, our services are great for those with immigration cases or for those looking for a translation agency in Orlando or Florida. 

What does Florida Translate Offer?


Obtain the Best Price Guaranteed. 


All of our translations are certified. 


Obtain translations super fast. Need them even faster? Add Expedited Processing to your order.

Our Prices


Orders containing 1-10 Pages

$ 20

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  • Certified Translation
  • Fast Processing (24 hours)
  • Ready for USCIS
  • Best Price Guaranteed


Orders containing 11-39 pages

$ 15

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  • Certified Translation
  • Expedited Processing Available
  • Ready for USCIS
  • Bulk Discount
  • Best Price Guaranteed


Orders Containing 40 or more pages

$ 15

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  • Certified Translation
  • Expedited Processing Available
  • Ready for USCIS
  • Bulk Discount
  • Best Price Guaranteed
  • Fast Process

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